If you’re looking for flower bed ideas to plant in front of your home, you’ve come to the right place.

You’ll need to know a few things when shopping for the actual flowers, but the ideas below work with many varieties.

So, just remember to keep these things in mind when you’re out flower shopping:

  • do you have a sunny or shaded flower bed?
  • does it rain a lot or not at all?
  • what flower zone do you live in?

Anyway, let’s get started.

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Flowers In Clay Pots

Idea From Sequin Gardens

Putting your flowers in clay pots is great if you have a specific type of flower in mind and your soil isn’t suitable.

Make sure to water your flowers often if you don’t want them to dry out, as putting them in pots limits moisture retention.

Landscaping Around A Tree

Putting a flower bed around a tree is a great idea to hide exposed roots and add a lovely touch of color.

Although this will make your garden and tree look very beautiful, it doesn’t mean it’ll need much maintenance.

You can use low-maintenance perennials to put around your tree.

All that said, be sure to not do this with a young tree. If your tree is 5+ years old, then it’s fine.

But doing this to a young tree might kill it.

Spilled Flower Pot

A spilled flower pot is a great idea to add an authentic touch to your flower bed.

Use colorful flowers that contrast with the color of your pot.

Purple, red, and orange flowers will do the trick.

River Of Flowers

Idea From 1001Gardens

I love this river of flowers for small alleys where you don’t go often.

Again, can you see how the contrast really makes the difference?

Use an intense blue, purple or orange “river” flower bed with some small clusters of white flowers for the best effect.

Flower Bed For A Fence

If you have a fence, adding some vertical, colorful flowers around it is a terrific idea.

Not only does it hide your ugly fence, but it actually makes your garden look beautiful.

Again, I’d go with very bright, intense colors such as pink, purple, red, or orange.

Tone it down with lower, green, or white plants, and you get a great result.

Deck Flower Bed

Idea from FamilyHandyman

If you have a deck or plan to build one, adding flowers to the sides is a marvelous idea for a luxurious feel.

When your friends come over, they’ll feel like they’re on a 5-star hotel terrace.

It really makes your terrace shine.

Fairy Garden

Fairy gardens are all the rage these days, and you can check some great ideas here.

You don’t have to pay much to make these magical little trees if you use yard scraps.

Add bonsai-like trees (picture below) for an even better result.


That’s it. I hope you liked these flower bed ideas.

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