A word that echoes in us, and makes us feel wonderful.

More than just a word, it is an ideal. A purpose for any human being.

And yet, it is probably one of the least defined words of all. We all want happiness, but nobody has written a clear definition of what it is.

How to get something we cannot even define?

How to live a life you love, and find happiness, without first knowing what happiness is for you?

In this article, I will start by showing you ways to find your personal definition of happiness and share some insights as to how to reach happiness once you know what it is.

How To Define Happiness

To define happiness, we can start by defining what it is NOT.

Happiness is NOT:

  • Pleasure, such as eating a delicious cake, having sex, sunbathing, etc.
  • Accumulating materials objects, such as a nice car, a luxurious house, a great sofa, etc.
  • Bouncing all around, smiling and pretending you’re happy and ecstatic
  • Lying in your bed, on the sofa, watching TV, etc.

In our society, we often confuse happiness and pleasure. We think that by having more money, and by accumulating more material objects, we will increase our pleasure and therefore our happiness.

However, some people have proven and continue to prove that happiness is NOT caused by pleasure. A lot of people choose the monk life to eradicate all forms of pleasure from their lives, in hopes of getting to happiness. And for some of them, it does work.

Obviously, I’m not saying you should eliminate all forms of pleasure from your life.

You don’t need to be so extreme.

That said, I do believe you should give less importance to pleasure, and start focusing on other things that matter more in terms of long-term happiness.

Afterwards, you should try to see what things in your life trigger a sense of fulfillment, serenity and inner peace in you. These are the things you should focus on in the future.

Why Love IS Important

It has been said for centuries, “Love thy neighbor.

Nothing new under the sun if I tell you love is important for your life and happiness.

But as with happiness, love is such a complicated word. As loving your family is nothing like loving your husband or wife.

But the reason why there is only one word to define these different situations is that of what love actually triggers inside of us.

True love is a feeling of deep serenity and a longing for altruism. When we love someone, we wish them all the best, deep in our heart.

And in this sense, love is certainly a wonderful thing.

But we should NOT confuse love with attachment, or the desire to be loved. Because loving is wonderful, but needing to be loved is awful, both for you and everyone else.

Cultivate love and altruism towards others, and don’t care if others love you or not. Loving is what matters for your happiness, not being loved.

The Most Important Tool: Meditation

Meditation is the tool you need for happiness. Meditation is not meant to have a calmer mind, to feel relaxed, or whatever.

Meditation has been designed to take control of your mind, for your mind is the cause of all suffering.

By doing frequent meditation sessions throughout the day, you will start to feel in control.

You will start to be able to soothe your negative emotions and to make positive emotions surge out of nowhere.

You will be able to love whom you once hated.

And you will stop being a victim. You will start acting for yourself and the world you dream of, and you will see happiness has always been right there, waiting for you to take control.

So, SIT. Sit down and meditate. Stop chasing your dream car, your dream house, etc. Just sit down, and meditate. That’s the best thing you can do for your happiness right now.

If you do not know how to meditate, check this article.

Please know this: Happiness will not come overnight just because you started to meditate.

But one thing is for sure: Happiness will not come AT ALL if you do not start to meditate. So get started today, you’ll be glad you did one year from now.

Fear Death

If you’ve not started meditation a while ago, and if you fail to start it today, chances are you’re not aware enough of your own mortality.

You know you’re mortal, but you just don’t constantly remind yourself of this fateful truth.

However, when you think you’ve got all the time on earth to do what you please, chances are you will never do what needs to be done.

But when you constantly remind yourself that you could be gone tomorrow, you will start doing the things that need to be done, for your happiness.

If you knew you’d die in 2 years, what would you do today?“, is the best question to ask yourself if you truly seek happiness.

Whatever your answer, this is what you must do.

Because deep down, you already know what needs to be done. But you’re caught up in daily life and you forget to listen to yourself.

You forget to listen to your intuition, at the expense of your well-being.

Please think about this, and try to remind yourself of your own mortality every now and then. When you wake up, be grateful for waking up, as millions of people did not.

Whenever you check the clock, be thankful for being alive.

By doing so, you will also cultivate gratitude, which also contributes to your happiness.

Stop wasting your time, and start creating the life of your dreams.