If you’re looking for gorgeous home decor ideas for your living room or bedroom, you’ve come to the right place.

The home decor ideas below will help you get a bright, cozy living room and bedroom where you’ll want to spend all your fr ee time.

After all, there’s nothing worse than a poorly decorated house.

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Japandi Living Room & Bedroom

Idea from DorisLeslieBlau

Japandi is a mix of Japanese and Scandinavian styles.

Combining minimalism and wooden colors with white, clutter-free simplicity, it has clean lines and clear colors.

As yoa can see, black, white and wooden brown colors go really well together.

That’s what a Japandi living room looks like.

And in the picture above, you can see an example of a Japandi bedroom.

What do you think?

Small Living Room

Idea from CaitlynDelayBlog

If you have a small house, click on the link below to learn a few interior design tricks to make it look roomier.

One of these tricks is to show the floor by choosing furniture with exposed legs. This allows you to see the floor, and therefore to create the illusion of space.

Very clever, and it does make your house much prettier.

Farmhouse Living Room

Idea from @boldboundlesslove

With a huge sofa, a lot of lights on the ceiling and an impossible-to-miss rug, this is a surefire way to make your living room look huge and luxurious.

You can see that the living room isn’t actually as huge as it seems.

But because there are no walls, it creates the illusion of an immense living room.

Modern Living Room

Idea from PureSaltInteriors

Again, here’s a great way to make your small living room look bigger than it is.

Use soft, luxurious colors such as grey, pink and wood to give light and harmony to the space.

Add some plants, and don’t put too many things on your walls.

Dream Bohemian Bedroom

You can use a lovely wooden bedspring with cozy lights and vertical plants all around.

The combination of green plants, wood everywhere and cozy lights will make this bedroom stand out.

Pink Girly Bedroom

Idea from BodyArtStyle

For a girly, fairy-tale bedroom, consider using pink and white colors.

In the picture above, they’ve toned the pink down by using dark grey floors and bedhead.

Personally, I’d just stick to shades of white and pink for an even more luxurious feel. But that’s up to you!

Scandinavian Bohemian Bedroom

Idea from JaclynDeLeonStyle

Mixing Scandinavian minimalism (bedhead, clear walls with a nice painting) and bohemian style (egg chair, grey and brown colors).

It just goes to show that you can mix several styles you like to create your own, personalized bedroom.

No need to stick to a single style when you can be original and stand out.


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