Take the headaches out of cooking with these instant pot recipes. These low carb keto recipes for weight loss are perfect for a healthy family!

The Instant Pot is everywhere I look these days, which is why I created this list of Keto Instant Pot recipes, for all of you on a ketogenic diet.

Cooking has never been easier!

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9. Instant Pot Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Full recipe here

Super savory and spicy, this recipe tastes even better than P. F. Chang’s Asian chicken lettuce wraps.

If you’ve got kids or you don’t like spicy food, I’d suggest cutting down on the red pepper flakes.

8. Instant Pot Keto Tuscan Soup

Full recipe here

With Italian sausage, kale, sun-dried tomatoes, garlic, and onions, this easy instant pot Tuscan soup is perfect for cold winter/fall days.

I like to add some bacon to make it even tastier, and sometimes broccoli or cauliflower to eat more veggies.

7. Instant Pot Keto Meatballs, Low Carb

Full recipe here.

If you’re fond of low carb meatballs, but you don’t like to spend hours cooking, this recipe is perfect for you.

You’ll have your keto meatballs ready in a breeze, and you can easily pair them with the spaghetti squash (above) for a delicious family dinner.

6. Instant Pot Pulled Pork

Full recipe here.

Ok, I know you saw it. The bread.

I’m not going to tell you I found a magic way to make bread keto-approved, but there’s a simple way to eat this delicious recipe while following a ketogenic diet: ditch the bread.


It still tastes delicious, and you could serve some vegetables with it if you feel like it. I like to eat only pure meat from time to time, so I just eat it as is.

Do as you wish.

Oh, and by the way, replace the Coca-Cola with Coke Zero, and the spoon of sugar with your sweetener of choice. But you should know all that already, right? 😉

5. Instant Pot Turkey Breast Recipe

Full recipe here.

When you’re on a keto diet, there’s a strong tendency to see turkey as “boring”, because you generally eat so much turkey throughout the week.

But that tendency ends today. This recipe is downright delicious, and you’re never going to look at turkey the same.

I swear it will make you forget you’re on a diet!

4. Instant Pot Butter Beef

Full recipe here.

So by now we’ve had Pork, Turkey and Beef… I’d say you can’t do more keto than that!

Jokes aside, no wonder why I love this recipe, beef and butter always make for a perfect combination, and combine fats with proteins to help you lose weight.

3. Spaghetti Squash Chicken Alfredo

Full recipe here.

This spaghetti squash takes only 7 minutes to make in the instant pot… seriously, how much easier could making keto pasta be?

Besides, it’s super delicious.

2. Keto Pressure Cooker Garlic Butter

Full recipe here.

After turkey, meat, and pork, now comes chicken. Who says being on a diet is hard because of the lack of variety?

I don’t, that’s for sure. That’s even why I chose keto in the first place: it offers so many different recipes and ingredients.

This recipe is super easy, quick to make, and as always, delicious.

1. Instant Pot Smothered Pork Chops

Full recipe here.

Pork chops are hands-down one of my favorite pieces of meat. They’re always juicy and tender, and perfect on keto (because of the natural fats+protein).

Now, I know pork chops are never so hard to cook, but in this case it would be difficult to make it easier. Perfect if you don’t feel like cooking tonight.

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