If you’re looking for tension rod ideas to make your home better organized and prettier, you’ve come to the right place.

These tension rod hacks are great for windows, kitchens and bathrooms.

You’ll never believe all the cool things you can do with a tension rod.

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DIY Coffee Bar

Idea from JenWoodhouse

Here’s a great DIY coffee bar that you can make in a day for under $25.

Jen went for a navy+copper combo, but feel free to choose the colors you like for your house.

White and wood would also work very well in most houses.

Pantry Dividers

Idea from MarthaStewart

Use some tension rods to create pantry dividers.

Perfect to organize your boards and baking sheets.

They also come in handy if you don’t know where to put some pot lids.

Clever Vertical Storage

This clever vertical storage is made with regular plates and tension rods.

It’s a great way to store and show nice jars of marmalade or fruits.

Creative Paper Towel Storage

Idea from AlejandraTV

Tired of seeing your paper towel occupying space on the kitchen counter?

Worse, tired of always looking for your paper towel because “someone” (*wink wink*) forgot to put it back where it belongs?

Well, here’s a clever way to use a tension rod to hold paper towels in a cabinet or even in a drawer.


Litter Box Coverage

Idea from SensiblySara

Cat litters are definitely not the prettiest sight in your house.

But your cat still needs its litter box, so… are you doomed to have this ugly corner in your house?

Well, not anymore. Simply add a tension rod and some nice curtains (no offense to Sara here but I think the curtains she chose are awful lol), and ta-da! Nobody will know what’s hiding behind these nice curtains.

DIY Bath Toys Organizer

Idea from CleverlySimple

If you have bath toys all over your kids’ bathroom and nothing has worked so far, here’s a great DIY idea to stop the mess.

Using a simple tension rod and boxes, it makes everything neat and organized.

What’s more, it’s easy for your children to put their toys in there, and it doesn’t fall out all the time.

Rosin Paper Workbench Cover

Idea from FamilyHandyman

The link above takes you to a more permanent solution, but there’s nothing stopping you from making this clever rosin paper holder with a tension rod.

Then you can simply roll it out and roll it in. You save space, and you also save a lot of time!


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