White is king in the kitchen.

If you’re looking for white kitchen ideas that generally use white as leverage to make other colors pop, you’ve come to the right place.

Whether you love bright wooden colors or summer greens and pinks, you’ll find great kitchen ideas below.

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Modern, Luxurious White Kitchen

This nice, white kitchen screams “luxury”.

With bright wooden floors, white cupboards, and a marble-like countertop, it definitely looks expensive.

The chairs also have a wooden color, which helps everything blend together.

Scandinavian White Kitchen

Ultra-minimalistic with Scandinavian influence, this white kitchen idea is great for those who hate clutter.

You can see the use of wood again, but in a much lighter color. Also notice how the lights are white and modern.

Victorian Style Kitchen

This vintage Victorian-style kitchen is great if you really like to blend the old with the new.

With a luxurious marble countertop and artistic chairs, this one definitely has more colors than the previous kitchens.

If you’re not a professional decorator it would be wise to limit colors to shades of pastel, but as long as it’s mainly white it should work.

Colorful Summer White Kitchen

I’m a huge fan of adding a touch of color to your white furniture.

This white kitchen really leverages the white to make other colors pop.

Use pastel colors such as blue, pink, green, and orange for the best effect.

And once again, you can see how the wood really ties everything together.

Modern Black & White Kitchen

Nothing looks more modern than black & white colors.

Pair that with brass chairs and kitchenware (skillets, pans) and you get a nice modern/vintage blend.

Can you see how the countertops are made of wood instead of white marble?

This helps tie everything together.

Patterned Tiles White Kitchen

If you really want to make a statement, using patterned tiles in your white kitchen is as bold as it is unique.

If you’ve visited many castles, I’m sure you immediately think about a castle’s floor when looking at the picture above.

I would personally use pastel colors instead of darker ones such as in the picture below, but that’s a matter of taste.

The point is using patterns is a great way to make your white kitchen stand out.

Minimalistic White Kitchen

If you want a minimalistic kitchen but the Scandinavian one above isn’t your style, here’s another one.

You can see that the white color is the same even for countertops. This helps the floor, wall and yellow kitchenware stand out.

This kind of design really gives a lot of light, which is perfect for a kitchen.

If you want a kitchen that looks very luxurious, yet humble, this is it.


That’s it. I hope you liked these white kitchen ideas.

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