Summer is fast approaching, and that means it’s time for backyard hangouts by the pool.

Don’t be caught with your grill unprepared! Thankfully, it just takes a little planning and inspiration to throw together a keto-friendly spread that’ll have your guests clamoring for recipes.

With that in mind, I’ve found some of the best grilled recipes to keep any summer event delicious and low-carb!

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Grilled Sausage Portobello Pizzas

Saying goodbye to traditional pizza is one of the hardest parts about the keto diet, but thankfully there are some awesome crust substitutes out there.

These mouthwatering sausage pizzas use portobello mushroom caps as a base, and they work perfectly for the grill.

As an added bonus, they are small enough that you can customize them to each guest’s liking.

Tikka Chicken Wings

Chicken tikka masala is a classic, bursting with bold Indian spices, but it’s far from a finger-food that you would eat at a barbecue.

Luckily, Kim from Low Carb Maven has captured those amazing flavors with her party-friendly tikka chicken wings.

To top it all off, the cilantro-citrus dipping sauce is divine – you’d never know this recipe was healthy!

Thai Grilled Beef Salad

This Thai grilled beef salad delivers amazing umami flavor thanks to the fish sauce in its dressing.

With less than a pound of steak making four servings, this recipe doesn’t break the bank – and it’s a great way to cure a red meat craving without overdoing it!

Steak and Mushroom Kabobs

Kabobs on the grill are a summertime classic, and there aren’t many pairings better than steak and mushrooms.

If you make this recipe, just be careful with the Worcestershire sauce. Some brands contain sugar while others don’t have any, so be sure to read that label!

Grilled Salmon With Avocado Salsa

I love a good grilled salmon in the summertime, especially when paired with this fresh, colorful avocado salsa.

Fish grills quickly, so don’t overdo it!

Always use fresh lime and cilantro – the difference in the vibrancy of the flavors is incredible.

Alabama White Wings

Alabama’s white BBQ sauce is one of the South’s best kept culinary secrets.

It’s a mayonnaise-based sauce, so it fits perfectly with a keto diet. The addition of mustard, horseradish, and vinegar really give it some unique zing and brightness.

It’s great on grilled or smoked chicken wings, so definitely give it a try at your next cookout!

Teriyaki Beef On a Stick

This teriyaki beef recipe ditches the traditional sugar glaze but doesn’t skimp on big Asian flavor!

Skewer some peppers, onions, mushrooms, and other veggies of your choice to accompany it, or serve over cauliflower rice or zucchini noodles.

Grilled Chicken Tacos

Tacos aren’t keto, right?! Unless, like in this recipe, you use a crispy leaf of fresh lettuce.

You can make a big batch of the chili-lime grilled chicken and avocado salsa, and then let the kids have tortillas.

You could even use the filling as a topper for a big salad, or over a bowl of cauliflower rice.

Carne Asada Chimichurri

Planning a Mexican-inspired fiesta? Serve up this delicious carne asada, complete with a fresh and colorful chimichurri sauce.

This recipe calls for skirt or flank steak, and you should definitely give these cuts a try if you haven’t cooked with them before.

They are perfect for the grill and are perfectly tender, so long as you cut against the grain.

Lemon Butter Grilled Lobster Tails

Lobster may be the ultimate indulgent meal, but it can be an intimidating ingredient for newbie foodies.

Luckily, this recipe just deals with the tails, and they cook up quickly and easily on the grill.

Top them off with the lemon butter for a luxurious treat!

Mapled Dijon Chicken

Far too many grilled chicken recipes include overly sweet sauces.

This one leaves out the carbs in favor of Dijon mustard and a handful of other Keto-friendly ingredients.

This is definitely one of the simpler recipes on this list and takes less than 30 minutes. You may find it quickly becomes one of your weekday favorites!

Grilled Artichokes With Garlic Butter

If you aren’t an artichoke-lover already, I’m pretty sure this recipe will convert you.

The artichokes are boiled, then grilled for optimal tenderness, and slathered with a garlicky butter that will have even your kids asking for more veggies.

Grilled Garlic Paprika Chicken Drumsticks

For a versatile, but still flavorful, grilled chicken recipe that works with just about any side, give these garlic, paprika, and chili seasoned drumsticks a go.

They’re great for a barbecue – hands-friendly and very little clean up – and cook in about half an hour, so they’ll keep the kids occupied while the main event is on the grill.

10 Minute Grilled Chimichurri Shrimp Skewers

Speaking of kid-friendly bites that cook quickly, these shrimp skewers are a crowd favorite at any event.

The fresh herbs in the chimichurri really liven up the shrimp, and make for a great start to any meal, or a delicious addition to a summer salad.

Balsamic Jalapeno Grilled Tri-Tip

The secret to this decadent tri-tip is all in the marinade. Plan ahead to let your meat soak in those juices overnight, and you’ll be rewarded with the most tender steak you’ve ever had.

The balsamic and jalapeno flavors naturally lend themselves to Latin cuisine, so I love slicing up the tri-tip and making some lettuce tacos.

Throw in some avocado, radish slices, and feta for a meal that would make any grillmaster proud!

So fire up the grill and get cooking! With these recipes in your back pocket, you’ll be prepared for any backyard BBQ, birthday party, or poolside soirée all summer long. The best part? Your guests will never guess these delicious dishes are keto, low-carb, and good for them! I call that the ultimate party trick.


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