If you’re looking for Bohemian Bedroom Decor ideas, you’ve come to the right place.

There’s nothing prettier than a bohemian bedroom, but you have to decorate it right.

Get inspired by the ideas below and pay particular attention to color palettes and textures.

That’s what will make your boho bedroom stand out.

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Colorful Bohemian Bedroom

Idea from LadyScorpio

I love this bohemian bedroom and the Zodiac rug and blanket!

With the cozy lights and those heart-warming colors, it’s easy to see how this picture became so popular on Pinterest.

Beautiful Brown Bohemian Bedroom

Idea from TheStyleIndex

When I first got into bohemian decor, it’s really that shade of brown that got me hooked up.

I love wooden floors, and I absolutely adore how they used shades of brown everywhere − on the walls, the bedding, and even the slippers!

This bedroom is just mind-blowing.

Incredibly Romantic Bohemian Bedroom

Idea from Anthropologie

If you’re looking for a bedroom that you’ll never want to leave, this is it.

Can you imagine spending the most romantic nights with your significant other in this Bohemian bedroom?

It looks like a 5* hotel honeymoon suite, without the price tag.

So beautiful and cozy.

Cozy Bohemian Brown Bedroom

Idea from KelleeMInteriors

Yet another brown bohemian bedroom.

Do you believe me now when I tell you I love shades of brown?

This Bohemian bedroom is so minimalistic and yet feels so luxurious and cozy.

I’d love to lie in that bed every night!

Flowery Bohemian Bedroom

Idea from BohemianEarth

For an extra-cozy Bohemian bedroom where you can breathe incredibly fresh air, think about adding plants and flowers!

Use the green plants and pair it with soft brown colors.

Add green and blue blankets, cozy lighting, and you’re golden.

Minimalistic White Bohemian Bedroom

Idea from UrbanOutfitters

I love minimalism, and this minimalist bohemian bedroom is my favorite by far.

Using very little color and mainly white and light wood, they then add a lot of plants to breathe some fresh air and really make it cozy and luxurious.

I can easily see this style in a 5* hotel by the beach.

So inspiring.

Gorgeous Pink Bedroom

Idea from AanyaLinen

I’m a man, yet I love pink in a bedroom.

Obviously, I wouldn’t have a pink bedroom if I was living alone. But for a master bedroom, soft pink and white are one of my favorite color palettes (I also love white and green).

So I immediately liked this Pink Bohemian Bedroom when I saw it.

What do you think?


That’s it! Don’t forget to pin these ideas for later!

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