You want to lose weight, but you know reducing your fat intake, forcing yourself to eat more vegetables and exercising yourself to death is a sure recipe for failure.

You’ve also heard of the Keto Diet, and you wonder if it’s possible to lose weight fast and efficiently while eating delicious meals and not restricting your calories.

This article will serve you as the ultimate keto guide, from start to finish, covering what you should eat and buy, so you can successfully stay in ketosis and lose weight without thinking too much about it.

Read on to embark on this life-changing journey.

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The Right Mindset

The first thing you need to do is to have the right mindset before starting your keto diet.

You must understand keto is not a fad − it’s not something you’ll do for a week and then revert back to your old habits.

To be successful with the ketogenic diet, although it is possible to lose weight fast, you must turn it into a lifestyle.

And to do this, the first step is to commit to following a keto diet.

You must decide that it’s time to change your eating habits, and commit to sticking to your keto diet.

Of course, once you start to see the amazing results it has on your body and your health, this mindset will be quite easy to maintain.

But at first, you must define your Why.

Why do you wish to start this diet?

Most of you start a diet because they want to lose weight, tone and sculpt their body, and improve their health.

These are great goals, but you must be much more specific, and more importantly, you should focus much more on emotions.

For instance, if you feel like your body is preventing you from finding your lifelong partner, or from getting that job you want, or simply from feeling confident in yourself, you must try to picture all this pain, truly live it, and take it as your WHY.

Feel the pain, so that your resolve will be even greater.

Alternatively, you could focus on the Gain.

Typically, being in your best shape, seducing men without doing anything, and bursting with confidence.

And ideally, you should do both.

Try to create strong emotions as to why you’re starting this diet. This is the first step to success.

Define Clear and Achievable Goals

Your goals must be very specific.

“I want to lose weight” is not a goal, it’s a wish.

Saying “I will lose 10 lbs in 20 days by exercising 1 hour per day, sticking to a strict keto diet, and receiving support from my friends and family” is a much better goal.

It is both clear and achievable.

It is measurable, AND you already defined the steps you need to take to achieve it.

What separates goals from dreams is to define actual steps you need to take to reach that goal AND a way to measure if it’s working or not.

In our specific case, if you’re not keen on exercising, your goal should be something along the lines of:

  • I will lose 5lbs in 15 days by sticking to a strict keto diet.
  • I will get into my old pants in 20 days by cutting out on carbs, and by eating delicious keto meals.
  • I will have a perfect beach body in 30 days, by buying and eating delicious keto foods, and refraining from carbs.

Your Pantry Is In Dire Need Of Some Spring-Cleaning

Time to spring-clean your pantry.

If you’re committed to following a keto diet, and you should be if you followed the first point of this article, you know you won’t be needing these harmful carbs anymore.

Just throw them, or better, give them to charity (yes, they’re unhealthy, but what’s even more unhealthy is to have nothing to eat…).

Get rid of all the carbs, starches and sugars that hide in your pantry. No more pasta, rice, chips, and candies.

You’re going to have a hard time throwing these foods because you’re so used to them, but trust me:

It’s going to be far easier for you to stick to a keto diet if the only foods you have in your house are “ketoptimized”.

Chances are you won’t drive all the way to your local grocery store just to buy a bag of chips, but it’s highly likely that you would simply go to the kitchen and grab a bag of chips if there was one there.

So, do yourself a favor, and clean your pantry.

Click here to get a complete list of foods to avoid.

Time To Go To Your Favorite Grocery Store

Now that your pantry is empty, or almost empty, it’s time to fill it with delicious and healthy keto foods.

The good part is that there are so many delicious keto foods you can buy.

Here is a great list of foods that are keto friendly, with which you can make hundreds or thousands of keto recipes.

source: Keto Diet App

The main highlight of the keto diet is that you can make so many different recipes, each one being tastier than the other.

To give you an idea, here’s a typical day of meals for the average keto goer:

Breakfast: Eggs and Bacon / French Omelette with Bleu Cheese

Lunch: Tuna salad with olives and veggies

Dinner: Steak with sautéed vegetables

That’s only a basic idea of what you will eat, but the main point is that it won’t be as tasteless as other diets. With the keto diet, pleasure will be there all the way to support your new eating habits.

Cooking Balanced Meals

Now that you have bought all the right ingredients, it’s time to learn how to cook the perfect meals, with the right proportions.

To stay in ketosis, you should have a typical balance of 75% fats, 20% protein, and 5% carbs.

The best way to do this is to use MyMacro+ to help you and take the headaches out of meal planning.

Take Your Measurements

Remember when we talked about setting clear goals?

Now, it’s time to take your measurements to see where you are, and where you will be in a week, in a month, and in a year.

The easiest way to do this is to measure your weight, to take photos, and to note down how you feel overall during the day.

I advise against measuring your body fat, since most tools are pretty inaccurate, which could compromise your weight loss results.

If you see that you lost 10 pounds, look greater than ever before (photos) and feel better every day, that’s definitely what I would call achieving a clear goal.

Let’s Get You Started

You now know everything you need to start your keto diet.

However, because I know most of you will face many hurdles and will have a ton of answers along the way, I will recommend what I believe is the best program to stick to your keto diet and lose weight fast.

I don’t want to go into it in detail, as this is not the purpose of this article, but you can check this program here.

Please note that this is not necessary, but from my own experience, 90% of people who start a keto diet give up within 3 months.

The reason?

Lack of support.

If you want to find a supportive community that will help you bust through your weight loss plateaus, I believe this one is the best.

By clicking on this link, you can get access to weekly done-for-you meal plans and to experienced keto dieters that will help you along the way.

Again, it’s not necessary, but if you’ve failed to stick to a diet in the past, this might well be the solution.

Anyway, I hope this article was helpful, and feel free to Pin It so you can come back later whenever you need to!

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