If you use Weight Watchers to lose weight without following a strict diet like keto, you’ll love these recipes.

For all the Weight Watchers Recipes below, I’ve included the number of smart points for the green, blue (former Freestyle), and purple plans.

Some are zero point, which means you won’t have to keep track or measure. You can just make and eat them again and again.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

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Tuscan Chicken Pasta

Recipe: MyCrazyGoodLife

  • Green Points: 9
  • Blue Points: 7
  • Purple Points: 2

This Tuscan Chicken Pasta is a wonderful dinner meal for the entire family.

You can make it in the Instant pot or Crockpot, as you wish.

Best of all − it’s great for meal prep! It tastes even better after sitting in the fridge for a day or more.

Chicken Mushroom Casserole

Recipe: PointedKitchen

  • Green Points: 7
  • Blue Points: 6
  • Purple Points: 6

This creamy Chicken Mushroom casserole is not the best-looking pin you’ll ever find. But what it lakes in beauty, it makes up for in taste.

So warm, comforting and it doesn’t taste “healthy” at all, yet it is.

Skinny Sesame Chicken

Recipe: CookingMadeHealthy

  • Green Points: 5
  • Blue Points: 3
  • Purple Points: 3

Skip the Chinese food delivery tonight, and make this delicious WW Skinny Sesame Chicken instead.

With a spicy and sweet glaze, this Sesame Chicken recipe is truly delicious. If you want to make it even tastier and thicker, you can add more honey. But be careful, this will cost more points!

Pepperoni Pizza Casserole

Recipe: MidlifeHealthyLiving

  • Green Points: 3
  • Blue Points: 3
  • Purple Points: 3
  • (yes, that’s not a typo. It’s 3 points on any plan)

This warm and comfortable pepperoni pizza casserole is perfect for a family dinner.

Many people commented they don’t use Weight Watchers and they still made and loved it!

It is THAT good.

Italian Stromboli

Recipe: KeepingOnPoint

  • Green Points: 8
  • Blue Points: 7
  • Purple Points: 7

Made with Turkey pepperoni to use much fewer points, this Italian Stromboli is a perfect kid-friendly recipe.

If you’re on the purple plan it DOES cost a lot of points, though. So be careful if this is you.

Zero Point Taco Soup

Recipe: SlenderKitchen

  • Green Points: 6
  • Blue Points: 0
  • Purple Points: 0

If you’re on Blue or Purple, this delicious Taco soup is actually zero point!

Unbelievable considering how tasty it is. So warm and comforting, and you don’t even have to track it!

Weight Watchers Crack Chicken

Recipe: MyCrazyGoodLife

  • Green Points: 8
  • Blue Points: 5
  • Purple Points: 5

Made with frozen chicken in the Instant Pot, this is probably the quickest, easiest recipe on this list.

If you don’t own an Instant Pot, you can also make this one in the Crockpot. The instructions are included in the recipe.

Enjoy this delicious WW Crack Chicken!


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