If you don’t have a garden, but you do have a small balcony, I’ve got you covered.

We all need to relax and unwind after a long day of work, and these small balcony ideas will help you do just that.

By making your small balcony cozy and comfortable, you’ll greatly improve your well-being and your life.

Seriously, you have no idea how much of a difference it makes. But you’ll see it for yourself.

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Transform Your Patio

Idea from LemonBlonde

Transform your small balcony/patio into an outdoor oasis by following the tips in the article above.

Use modern colors and high-quality furniture for a great relaxing area.

Can you imagine sipping a glass of your favorite liquor out there?

Stylish Green Balcony

Idea from ApartmentTherapy

While this balcony isn’t exactly tiny, I think it still gives you a great idea of how to make a nice-looking balcony.

Using plants, textures, and a cool hanging chair, it definitely stands out.

There’s no doubt you’d feel very comfortable if this were your balcony.

Tiny but Gorgeous Balcony

Idea from HealthyLifestyleDomi

Put a small couch, a small table, and a healthy dose of flowers.

Add in some cozy lights, and make everything look so luxurious and festive.

And ta-da! You’ve got your own, incredibly gorgeous small balcony.

White & Brown Balcony

Adding lots of white to your small balcony will always make it look bigger and brighter.

Pair that with a nice wooden brown and fancy decorations on your walls, and you’ve got a winner.

Then of course add some plants to make it look extra fancy.

Fake Grass Balcony

Even if you live in the city, your brain still needs to see plants and trees.

This fake grass balcony is a wonderful idea to trick your brain into thinking you’ve got a garden out there.

Pair this fake grass with white furniture and a nice glass barrier, and you’ve got a winner.

Who wouldn’t want to sit and unwind on that balcony?

And yes, I know the balcony in the picture isn’t small. But the idea still applies to small balconies.

Sit and Soak the Sun

Let’s face it − tables take a lot of room on small balconies.

So what you can do instead is put some super-comfortable chairs to soak in the sun.

Add wooden floor, a healthy dose of plants and white colors to make it fancier.

And you’ve still got room for a very small table between chairs to put your glass on.

Cozy Balcony Garden

Idea from Decorholic

Put a lot of lights, plants and small chairs.

Then add a small, round table with lots of fancy bottles.

And there you have it − the perfect way to spend the evening with your significant other.


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